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18 May 2020 @ 07:36 pm
Can't change the winds, you say
Won't matter anyway
Can't reach that far 'cause it's impossible
Can't rise above this place
Won't change your mind so I pray
Breakin' down the walls
Do the impossible

Over the years, I've collected lyrics and quotes from and about many things that I love and that inspire me. I'd always write them down on a piece of paper only to lose it weeks later. Which is why I've created this journal, I wanted a place where I could store all of them knowing I could never lose it.

I doubt many people will actually see this journal but if you do, I hope you enjoy!


PERSONAL JOURNAL: kissedintoruins
GRAPHICS COMMUNITY (new!): overmyspirit
26 June 2010 @ 12:03 am
"Every once in a while, people step up, they rise above themselves. Sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find h...ope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back."

→ Nathan Scott {One Tree Hill}
25 June 2010 @ 11:59 pm
"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

→ Marilyn Monroe
19 May 2010 @ 10:13 pm
"It all just feels so fake, you know? This idea that good things happen to good people. That there's magic in the world and that the meek and the righteous will inherit it. Too many good people suffer for that to be true. Too many prayers go unanswered. And every day it just gets worse. Every day we ignore how truly broken this world is, and we tell ourselves it's all going to be okay. But it's not going to be okay. And once you know that, there's no going back. There's no magic in the world, at least today there isn't."

→ Haley James Scott {One Tree Hill}
19 May 2010 @ 10:10 pm
"Jamie saved my life. She taught me everything. About life, hope and the long journey ahead. I'll always miss her. But our love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it."

→ {A Walk to Remember}
19 May 2010 @ 10:06 pm
"Well that's what we do, we fight. You tell me when I am being an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you are a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99% of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a 2-second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing."

"So what?"

"So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me, please? Just picture your life for me, 30 years from now, 40 years from now. What's it look like? If it's with him, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that's what you really wanted. But don't you take the easy way out."

"What easy way? There is no easy way. No matter what I do, somebody gets hurt."

"Would you stop thinking about what everyone wants? Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want. What do you want? What do you what?"

→ {The Notebook}
19 May 2010 @ 09:59 pm
"You know that romantic notion that all the garbage and the pain is really healing and beautiful and sort of poetic? It's not. It's just garbage and it's pain. You know what's better? Love. The day that you start thinking that love is overrated is the day that you're wrong. The only thing wrong with love and faith and belief is not having it."

→ Haley James Scott {One Tree Hill}
19 May 2010 @ 09:51 pm
"George Bernard Shaw once wrote 'There are two tragedies in life; one is to lose your heart's desire, the other is to gain it'. Clearly, Shaw had his heart broken once or twice."

"As far as I'm concerned, Shaw was a punk 'Cause you know what? Tragedies happen. What're you gonna do, give up? Quit? No. I realize now that when your heart breaks, you gotta fight like hell to make sure you're still alive. 'Cause you are and that pain you feel, it's life. The confusion and fear, that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better. And that something is worth fighting for."

"This year, I got everything I wanted and everything I wished for. But, in a way, I lost even more."

"Shaw was right. As we strain to grasp the things we desire, the things we think will make our lives better; money, popularity, fame, we ignore what truly matters. The simple things like friendship, family, love. The things we probably already had."

"Yeah, losing your heart's desire is tragic. But gaining your heart's desire, it's all you can hope for. This year, I wished for love. To immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted. And if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy. Because, I wouldn't give it back for the world."

→ Brooke Davis, Nathan Scott, Haley James Scott, Lucas Scott & Peyton Sawyer {One Tree Hill}
19 May 2010 @ 09:21 pm
"Dear Mr. Vernon,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But, we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But, what we found out is that each one of us is a brain and an athlete and a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,
The Breakfast Club."
→ {The Breakfast Club}
19 May 2010 @ 09:09 pm
"Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do, which was just to wait. Don’t get me wrong, I flirted with her. Pam, I can now admit in front of friends and family, that I do know how to make a photocopy. Didn’t need your help that many times. [...] For a really long time that’s all I had. Little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl I work with. But I think, even then, I knew that I was waiting for my wife."

→ Jim Halpert {The Office}
19 May 2010 @ 08:52 pm
"They think that you're taking advantage of me and they think that I'm using you. But they don't know us. They think that we're ugly but I know that we're beautiful. And we can adapt to a hostile environment."

→ Lexie Grey {Grey's Anatomy}
19 May 2010 @ 07:48 pm
"Today’s the day my life begins. All my life I’ve been just me. Just a smart mouth kid. Today I become a man. Today I become a husband. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself. Today I become accountable to you. To our future. To all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. For anything. For everything. To take on life, to take on love. To take on possibility and responsibility. Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins. And I for one can’t wait."

→ Alex Karev {Grey's Anatomy}
19 May 2010 @ 07:38 pm
"You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales. That fantasy of what your life would be; white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, they were so close you could taste them. But eventually you grow up, one day you open your eyes and the fairytale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is it's hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely 'cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true."

→ Meredith Grey {Grey's Anatomy}
19 May 2010 @ 06:21 pm
"Stephen King once wrote: 'Time takes it all whether you want it to or not, time takes it all. Time bares it away, and in the end there is only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again.'"

→ Lucas Scott {One Tree Hill}
19 May 2010 @ 06:18 pm
"Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always. A promise. Like a reward for persisting through life so long alone. The belief in each other and the possibility of love. A decision to ignore or simply rise above the pain of the past. The covenant, which at once binds two souls and yet severs prior ties. The celebration of the chance taken and the challenge that lies ahead. For two will always be stronger than one. Like a team braced against the tempests of the world. And love will always be the guiding force in our lives. For tonight is mere formality, only an announcement to the world for feelings long held. Promises made long ago in the sacred space of our hearts."

→ Lucas Scott {One Tree Hill}
19 May 2010 @ 06:15 pm
"E.E. Cummings once wrote, 'To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, day and night, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.'"

→ Lucas Scott {One Tree Hill}
18 May 2010 @ 10:42 pm
"When I started high school, I couldn't wait to get out of Dillon. I thought that every book I read was like a rung on the ladder that I'd built to escape this town that was all about high school football and nothing else. And now that I'm actually getting close to leaving, I'm starting to appreciate that I was shaped by my town. That I have a different view point than every other person. I guess what I'm trying to say is that... I'm surprised by how happy I am to be from where I'm from. Does that make any sense?"

→ Julie Taylor {Friday Night Lights}
18 May 2010 @ 10:20 pm
"So you're probably looking at this and making fun of my outfit, right? Anyway here's all you really need to know about today: if you're fat, dumb, sexual and a guy, you're okay. If you're a girl, not so much. Please tell me that's changed in the future. Somebody tell me you've got love figured out, because I got news for you, it's pretty darn messy right now. But I guess it's always been that way. Wanting to be loved, to find somebody that makes your heart ache in a good way, feel understood. So if you're robots, or aliens, or something and you're watching this right now and that feeling no longer exists, well you missed it and I feel sorry for you. 'Cause as far as I can tell, that's what it's all about. And that's what I know it should be about."

→ Brooke Davis {One Tree Hill}
18 May 2010 @ 09:59 pm
"You think you know me but you don’t and that means you don’t know what I can do. You see me as someone who’s popular and has all the answers, that’s not true. I may not always know what I’m doing but I’ll try to make things better. And when I make a mistake, because face it, we all do, I promise I’ll ask for your help. I can’t do this alone. But if you’ll take a chance on me, we can do great things together. I promise, if you believe in me, I’ll find the courage to reach for your every dream. John F. Kennedy said the courage of life is a magnificent mixture triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures and that is the basis of all morality."

→ Brooke Davis {One Tree Hill}
18 May 2010 @ 09:47 pm
"Why is it that the guys I want, never go for me? I try so hard, maybe because I'm inappropriate and I always say the wrong things and Elena always says the right things. I mean, she doesn't even try and he just picks her!"

→ Caroline Forbes {The Vampire Diaries}
18 May 2010 @ 09:18 pm
"Lex. I'm still in love with you. I tried not be, but it didn't work. And Sloane's gone, there is no baby, and I don't want to sleep around. I want another chance. I'm in love with you."

"Karev, he's... Mark, I have a boyfriend."

"I know. All I'm saying is that you could have a husband."

→ Mark Sloane & Lexie Grey {Grey's Anatomy}
18 May 2010 @ 09:11 pm
"Everyone says that the next thing I do, the next choice I make is going to define me, my career, my life. Well, the next thing I want to do is ask you to be my wife and tell you how much I love you and how nothing else matters. When I look into your eyes Brooke, I see the rest of my life. And I see it with you. Marry me, Brooke Davis."

→ Julian Baker {One Tree Hill}
18 May 2010 @ 09:08 pm
"Clark, when you disappeared from my life I retracted into Watchtower. And as I became Big Brother, I guess more like Big Sister, I... It’s easy to think that having all the information is the same as having all the answers. But I can’t be the eye in the sky anymore, Clark. And now that I have Ollie, I want to plug in to the real world. Virtual reality bites."

→ Chloe Sullivan {Smallville}
18 May 2010 @ 09:01 pm
"I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. Then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality. Right here."

→ Stefan Salvatore {The Vampire Diaries}
18 May 2010 @ 08:29 pm
"Being part of something special makes you special, right?"

→ Rachel Berry {Glee}
18 May 2010 @ 08:25 pm
"I've been through more battles with Buffy than you all can ever imagine. She's stopped everything that's ever come up against her. She's laid down her life — literally — to protect the people around her. This girl has died two times, and she's still standing. You're scared? That's smart. You got questions? You should. But you doubt her motives, you think Buffy's all about the kill, then you take the little bus to battle. I've seen her heart, and this time — not literally. And I'm telling you, right now, she cares more about your lives than you will ever know. You gotta trust her. She's earned it."

→ Xander, {Buffy the Vampire Slayer}
18 May 2010 @ 08:21 pm
"Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers, you just breathe deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed but sometimes the pain gets you where you least expect it. Hits way below the belt and doesn't let up. Pain, you just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it and life always makes more."

→ Meredith Grey {Grey's Anatomy}
18 May 2010 @ 08:17 pm
"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them. If you’re willing to take the chance, the view from the other side is spectacular."

→ Meredith Grey {Grey's Anatomy}
18 May 2010 @ 08:14 pm
"You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."

→ Spike {Buffy the Vampire Slayer}
18 May 2010 @ 08:13 pm
"Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow, empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we'd be truly dead."

→ Angelus {Buffy the Vampire Slayer}